Josts Engineers Company Ltd Split Offers 5 share for every 2 share

Jost`s Engineering Company Limited operates in three divisions, including material handling division, industrial finishing division and engineered products division. The Companys material handling division provides material handing solutions for internal material handling needs of its customers. It also provides application engineering services, design and development service, installation, erection and commissioning service, annual maintenance contract, comprehensive maintenance contract (CMC) and operators training. The Company provides engineered products for technical and commercial support in sales, commissioning and service, as well as the designing and development of software for the operation of the products that it offers in this area. The Industrial Finishing division provides Bullows standard spray painting equipments, such as Bullows 630 Gravity feed spray gun and Bullows 230 Pressure Feed Spray Gun and ITW spray painting equipments..The company also engagged in the business of Material Handling, Engineered Products.

Splits Summary

Josts Engineers Company had last split the face value of its shares from Rs 5 to Rs 2 in 2023. The share has been quoting on an ex-split basis from April 28, 2023.

Splits History (Josts Engineers Company)

Announcement DateOld FVNew FVEx-Split Date

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