Multibagger Manish Goel stock hits life-time high despite stock market crash

Manish Goel stock: Suryalata Spinning Mills shares are one of the multibagger stock on Dalal Street. This multibagger textile stock has 115 per cent in last one month whereas it has risen to the tune of 120 per cent in year-to-date (YTD) time. This Manish Goel portfolio stock managed to maintain uptrend on Friday despite stock market crash and hit life-time high on 7th day in a row.

Despite stock market crash today, Suryalata Spinning Mills share price today opened with an upside gap on BSE and went on to hit intraday high of ₹679 apiece levels, a new life time high. while climbing to a new peak today, this multibagger stock gained over 6 per cent during Friday deals.

Suryalata Spinning Mills share price history

In last one month, Suryalata Spinning Mills share price has risen from around ₹315 to ₹679 apiece levels, logging around 115 per cent rise in this time. In year-to-date time, this multibagger stock has surged from near ₹305 to ₹679 per share levels, delivering 120 per cent return to its shareholders. In fact, in last six months as well, this textile stock has doubled its positional shareholders’ money. This stock has been in uptrend from the last week of February 2023 till date and has remained strong despite short term weakness in Indian stock market like today.

Manish Goel has recommended Suryalata Spinning Mills share to his followers by writing a blog. In this blog, Manish Goel recommended positional shareholders to buy the stock despite short term market sentiments as the value investor believed that fundamentals of the company is very stock.

Advising investors to look at fair value instead of recent movement, Manish Goel wrote, “All the Financial Ratios are very good and consistently improving. According to (Benjamin) Graham’s Formula, fair value of Suryalata Spinning Mills share is coming as ₹1,167 per share.”

Comparing this Manish Goel stock with key benchmark indices of Dalal Street, Nifty 50 index has lost over 2.50 per cent in last one month whereas in YTD time, the 50-stock index has nosedived more than 4.35 per cent. In last one month, BSE Sensex has lost around 2.60 per cent while in YTD time, the 30-stock index corrected to the tune of 3.40 per cent. Likewise, Nifty Bank index has descended 2.45 per cent in last one month whereas in YTD time, it has corrected over 6 per cent.

In broad market, mid-cap index went down near 1.30 per cent in last one month while it shed 3.50 per cent in YTD time. In last one month, small-cap index has went off 0.95 per cent while in YTD time, this index has lost around 4 per cent.

So, this multibagger stock in Manish Goel portfolio has generated alpha return in last one month and in year-to-date time.

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