₹42 to ₹439: Multibagger stock turns ₹1 lakh to ₹10 lakh in 1 year

With a market valuation of ₹343.54 Cr, Ascom Leasing & Investments is a small-cap company with operations in the financial industry. Ascom Finance was established in 1986 and has over 33 years of expertise in the financial sector. It is a registered NBFC (Non banKing financial company) with the Reserve Bank of India. The company’s primary business is giving loans to customers, and it currently operates in more than 20 districts throughout Gujarat.

Share price history of Ascom Leasing & Investments

On Friday, the shares of Ascom Leasing & Investments closed on the NSE at ₹439.90 apiece level, up by 1.14% from the previous close of ₹434.95. The stock recorded a net volume average of 2,000 shares and a deliverable volume average of 200,000 shares. An investment of ₹1 lakh placed in the stock five years ago would now have grown to ₹14.54 lakh since the stock price has risen from ₹30.15 to the current market price during the past five years, posting a multibagger return of 1,354.21%. 

An investment of ₹1 lakh placed in the stock three years ago would now have grown to ₹14.66 lakh since the stock price has gone up from ₹30 to the current market price over the past three years, registering a multibagger return of 1,366.33%. In the last 1 year the stock price has risen from ₹42.55 as of 8th March 2022 to the current market price logging in a multibagger return of 933.84%, hence an investment of ₹1 lakh made in the stock 1 year ago would now have grown to ₹10.33 lakh. The stock touched a 52-week-high of ₹440.00 and a 52-week-low of ₹33.40, indicating that at the current market price the stock is trading 1,217.06% above the 1 year low.

Ascom Leasing Corporate Action

Apart from being a multibagger stock in terms of return, the stock has also announced bonus shares for its eligible shareholders and has also fixed record date for the purpose of the same. Ascom Leasing & Investments has said in a stock exchange filing that “we inform that the Company has fixed Monday, 6th March, 2023 as the “record Date” for the purpose of ascertaining the eligibility of Shareholders entitled for issuance of fully paid up Bonus Shares in the ratio of 1:2 (i.e. issue of 1(One ) equity share for every existing 2(Two) equity shares held of ₹10/- as on the above mentioned record date), each.”

Ascom Leasing Earnings

In FY22, the company recorded revenue from operations of ₹12.45 Cr, up by 16.36% YoY from ₹10.70 Cr recorded in FY21. The company’s net expenses reached ₹5.98 Cr in FY22, up by 39% YoY from ₹4.30 Cr recorded in FY21. The net profit of Ascom Leasing & Investments reached ₹4.87 Cr in FY22 compared to ₹4.79 Cr in FY21 whereas the net profit margin stood at 39.15% in FY22. The EPS of Ascom Leasing & Investments stood at ₹6.24 in FY22 compared to ₹6.13 in FY21.

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