Minda Ind Announcement- 2:1 Bonus Share to his Shareholder

About Company

Minda Industries Limited (MIL) is engaged in the manufacturing of auto electrical parts, such as switches, lightings, batteries and blow moulded products.

Its products range include Switch 2W/HBA, sensors, actuators, controllers, Switch 4W/HVAC, mirrors, lighting, HLL Motors, horns, compressed natural gas (CNG)/liquid petroleum gas (LPG) kits, batteries, blow molding components, wheel covers, seat belts, seating and systems and cigar lighter.

Its two wheelers switches include handle bar system assembly, electronic systems, brake switch, gear shift switch and modular switch.

Its off road switches include rotary switches, starter switches, plunger switches and rocker switches.

Its automotive lighting products include tail lamp, side indicator lamps, head lamps, front fog lamp, rear fog lamps, warning triangles, work lamp and interior lamp.

MIL has automotive battery brand Vroom. On April 15, 2013, the Company acquired Clarton Horn S.A.U.

Bonus Summary

The last bonus that Minda Industries had announced was in 2022 in the ratio of 1:1. The share has been quoting ex-bonus from July 07, 2022.
Bonus History (Minda Industries)

Announcement DateBonus RatioRecord DateEx-Bonus Date

Anyone who want these bonus shares, need have share on his/her demat account(not in broker account) before the record date. Like if you buy some share today, it will be credit to your demat account after(T+2) days

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