HLE Glascoat Ltd Announcement- Split Share to his Shareholder

Bonus Summary

Swiss Glascoat Equipments Ltd is a company engaged in the manufacture of glass lined equipment and spares. The Glascoat product range consists of both ready-made (for standard requirement) and custom-built (for unique requirement) equipment and accessories of versatile nature.

The product range of the company includes Glass Lined Reactors-AE Type,CE Type,Agitation,Stainless Steel GLRs and GMP Model Reactors.Storage Tanks-Vertical Type and Horizontal Type. Condensors-Shell & Shell Type and Plate Type. Columns Rotary Vaccum Dryers-Agitated Nutche Filters. Other products-Glass Lined Flush Bottom Outlet Valve.

Bellows- Sealed Valve. Glass Lined Diaphragm Valve. GL Pipes & Fittings.Flanged Pipe. Flanged Elbows 45. Flanged Elbows 90. Flanged Crosses. Flanged T- Pieces. Flanged Crosses with reduced connection. Flanged T- Pieces with reduced connection. Reducing Flanges

Announcement DateBonus RatioRecord DateEx-Bonus Date
06-Jun-2022To be announcedTo be announcedTo be announced

Anyone who want these bonus shares, need have share on his/her demat account(not in broker account) before the record date. Like if you buy some share today, it will be credit to your demat account after(T+2) days

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