Nifty, Bank Nifty, Support, Resistance, Put Call Ratio, Prediction for 25 April

Nifty, Bank-Nifty Prediction Forcast 

Stock Market Data- Our goal is to provide the Nifty and Bank Nifty support and resistance level and trade data of FII and DII on daily basis at one place. Please have a look and set your goal for tomorrow.

Today both Nifty and Bank Nifty opened flat and formed a red candle on 22 april. Nifty and Nifty Bank both are seems to be weak. Bank-Nifty is closed below 200-ema. Nifty is trading above the 200-ema.

On 1 day candlestick chart both nifty and bank nifty breaks the last candle’s low. On weekly candle bank-nifty is seems to be weak. But Nifty formed a doji in weekly chart so it could be reversal of downtrend. Nifty may performed a green candle this week.

But be cautious on Bank Nifty. On 1-day candle It’s trading below 200-ema which can be its crucial support. If keep trading below 200-ema, chances of going down is high.

Based on the data, chances of trend reversal is high for both Nifty and Bank Nifty.

Nifty on 22 April  2022 Key NoteStrength
Crucial Support for 25 April
1st Support17100Strong
2nd Support17050Strong
3rd Support16800Very Strong
Crucial Resistance 25 April
1st Resistance17250Weak
2nd Resistance17300Strong
3rd Resistance17400Strong
Bank Nifty 22 April  2022Key NoteStrength
Crucial Support for 25 April
1st Support35900Strong
2nd Support35430Strong
3rd Support35000Very Strong
Crucial Resistance 25April
1st Resistance36200Weak
2nd Resistance36450Strong
3rd Resistance36850Very Strong
PCR Weekly Expiry 22 April  2022Ratio
Bank Nifty (Trend reversal is high)0.57
PCR Monthly Expiry – 22 April  2022Ratio
Nifty (Bearish)0.72
Bank Nifty (Trend reversal is high)0.57
FII DII  Position – 22 April  2022Buying/Selling
CashNet Value(Cr)
FutureNet Value(Cr)
OptionsNet Value(Cr)


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