Top 5 stocks You can add in your portfolio for Short Term

Today we will to technical analysis on these 5 stocks. These are the reputed company shares and you can buy these shares on a short term basis. Always set a target and stop loss for a share for short term. If you are considering a share for a long term then you should have patience and you need to wait for a good return.

1- Aarti Industries Ltd.

Aarti Industries Limited is a leading and highly integrated chemical manufacturer involved in manufacturing of various benzene based downstream and derivative products.


  • Para nitro aniline/Para flouro aniline,
  • Etofylline,
  • Aminophylline
  • Aciphylline piperazine
  • Para flouro nitro benzene/ Ortho flouro nitro benzene
  • Chloro flouro aniline/ 2,4
  • Dichloro flouro benzene & 1,3, Diflouro benzene.
  • The company also in the business segment of Pharmaceuticals, Speciality Chemicals, Home & Personal Care Chemicals.

Aarti Ind stocks is trading at ₹923.15 and you can pick this stock between ₹900- ₹940 with a stop loss of ₹980. If stocks goes below ₹980 you can exit from this stock and book your loss, but if stocks goes up (chances is high) you can set a target of ₹985 for short term, another target would be ₹1110 and then ₹1200. Stocks is trading above 200-ema which could be good sign for going up.

2- Action Construction Equipment

Action Construction Equipment Limited is the leading mobile crane manufacturing company in India.

In its endeavor to grow the business and offer quality products, the company has entered into series of marketing tie-ups with leading foreign companies like Autogru PM-Italy, Zoomlion-China, Maber-Italy, Tigieffe SRL-Italy, which facilitate the availability of latest technology and machines from around the world.

They manufacture a variety of products like Hydraulic Mobile Pick-n-Move Cranes, Forklift Truck, Loaders including Front end loader,Tower cranes,Aerial Work Platforms, Mast Climbing Platforms / Lifts and Lorry Loaders / Truck Mounted Cranes.

The company also engagged in the business of Cranes, Agri Equipment, Material Handling / Construction Equipment & Others.

Action Construction Equipment is trading at ₹217.55. You can pick this stock at a cheap price between ₹200-₹220. Set a stoploss of ₹180. If stock goes below ₹180 exit from this stock. The Target for short term basis is ₹250. Another target for this stock is ₹300. Currently stock is trading sideways between a level of ₹207-₹230. You can consider this stock of good return in short term period.

3- Bharat Earth Movement Ltd

BEML Ltd is a Public Sector Undertaking for the manufacture of rail coaches and spare parts and mining equipment. The company is a multi-technology company offering high-quality products for diverse sectors of the economy such as coal, mining, steel, limestone, power, irrigation, construction, road building, aviation, defence, metro and railways.The company operates on three major business verticals for associated equipment manufacturing, namely mining & construction, defence and rail & metro.

BEML is trading at ₹1535.85. BEML hit a 52-week high of ₹2085. Stock is trading near 200-ema which could be its crucial support. Stock has demand zone between ₹1280-₹1410. If you see these level you can pick this stock for short term.

If stock doesn’t break ₹1480 in upcoming weeks, it would be consider to buy with a target of ₹1650. Second target would be ₹1750 and third target would be it 52 week high. Stocks’s valuation is high so i would suggest you to wait for it coming down at level of ₹1280-₹1410. If stocks goes below ₹1280 then leave this stock for short term.

4- Graphite India Ltd.

Graphite India Ltd is engaged in the manufacture of graphite electrodes, anodes, other miscellaneous carbon and graphite products and calcined petroleum coke. The company has also diversified into specialty products namely flexible graphite sheets and tubes.They also undertake research and development activities in the area of carbon carbon composites for defence aircraft application..The company also engagged in the business of Steel, Graphite and Carbon.

Graphite India Ltd is a high dividend yield stock. You can add this stock for long term also. The company had a good return ratio in 2018 and 2019.

Stock is trading sideways from January and we could see the good uptrend in this stock. FII decreased their holding in this stock but DII increased their holding in 2021. Stock has a buying zone at level of ₹480-₹530. You can wait for it if stock break the level of ₹535 in upside, you can also buy this stock for a short period. First target would be ₹580, second target would ₹640.

5- Grasim Industries Ltd.

Grasim Industries Ltd started as as a textiles manufacturer and later diversified into viscose staple fibre (VSF), cement and chemicals.The products and services of the company include Viscose staple fibre (VSF),Grey cement,White cement,Fertilizers,Chemicals,Mining,Fatty Alcohol/Fatty Acids,Insulators,Software,BPO,Finance and Insurance,Retail,Sponge iron and Textiles..The company also in the business segment of Chemicals, Fibre & Pulp.

Currently stock is trading at ₹1591.05 in short uptrend . It could be consider to buy this stock for short term. Stock has demand zone between ₹1550-₹1600. You can buy this stock in between the range with a stoploss of ₹1525. First target of stock would be ₹1650. If stock breaks this level on upside then second target would be ₹1710-₹1740.


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