Overview of Candlestick

The Topic is divided into the following sections:

1-Candlesticks Anatomy

Just as humans, candlesticks have different body sizes, and when it comes to trading, it’s important to check out the bodies of candlesticks and understand the psychology behind it. that’s what you will learn in this section.

2-Candlestick patterns

Candlestick patterns are an integral part of technical analysis, candlestick patterns emerge because human actions and reactions are patterned and constantly repeated. In this section you will learn how to recognize the most important candlestick patterns, the psychology behind it’s formation, and what do they indicate when they form in the market.

3-The Market structure

In this section, you will learn how to identify trending markets, ranging markets, and choppy markets. You will learn how these markets move and how to trade them professionally. You will also learn how to draw support and resistance, and trendlines.

4-Time frames and top down analysis

Multiple time frame analysis is very important for you as a price action trader, in this section you will learn how to analyse the market using the top down analysis approach.

5-Trading strategies and tactics

In this section you will learn how trade the market using four price action trading strategies:
-The pin bar strategy
-The engulfing bar strategy
-The inside bar strategy
-The inside bar false breakout strategy
-Trades examples
I highly recommend you to master the previous sections before jumping to this section, because if you don’t master the basics, you will not be able to use these strategies as effective as it would be. In this section you will learn how to identify high probability setups in the market, and how to use these candlestick patterns in trending markets and ranging markets to maximize your profits.

6-Money management

In this section, you will learn how to create a money management and risk control plan that will allow you to protect your trading capital and become consistently profitable.

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  1. It’s good to learn about candlestick before you start trading

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