What is Super Trend Technical Indicator?

In the stock market, It is very important that you should have good knowledge about technical indicators. It can help you to predict the trend and upcoming movement of the market. It’s a dream of every investors that If you want to invest your savings in stock market, you should get a good return from the market. But as we all know it’s quiet opposite. There are so many new investor who comes into the stock market without any knowledge and after make some loss, they decide to learn first and start making money from the market.

Today we will discuss about an important technical indicator “Super Trend”. This indicator is used to predict the buy and sell signal. Super Trend tells us the current trend of the stock. It’s like moving average. Super Trend gives us accurate information about the current trend in the market.

If stock price is closed above the Super Trend, It’s a buy signal for the traders. If the stock price is closed below the Super Trend, It is a sell signal for the traders. You can use other indicators to verify the buy or sell position. We recommend this to cross verify before enter and exit from a trade. You can use MACD, Moving Average as a other indicators for your trade. You can learn more about these indicators here MACD, Moving Average.

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